Here are some things that the amazing people that i get to see everyday had to say about the class:

"I have been taking fun dance for 6 months now. I have taught dance my whole life and when I sold my studio 6 years ago and have been looking for an alternative fix ever since  I did zumba for 2 years and loved it until I decided to go to a fund raiser that Carlitos was teaching at. I thought WOW! what is this man on. Seriously had to puke 1/2 way through the 3 hour experience because it was that intense for me. I then tried to get everyone to experience fun dance with me thinking that it was all Zumba love and all but sadly it isn't, I found out how political Zumba is and how you really can not promote both in public. So I have chosen fun dance because I feel like Carlitos cares about his students, he wants us to succeed in our health goals. He is grateful for his students and shows it every night when he brings all his energy to the class. I am grateful for being able to share this experience with my daughters and friends and I am thankful to Carlitos for sharing his talent with us". Tami S.
"I've moved. A lot. And I have been to aerobic/dance classes all over the country. But none of them have ever been as good as Fun Dance with Carlitos. I have been going to fun dance for over a year now and hopefully never have to stop! Carlitos has such an amazing energy that makes the class feel more like a party than a workout! I have never been so excited for any class, and am legitimately bummed when I have to miss a day. His classes are perfect for authentic latin dance moves and music. Carlitos has a special way of dancing around the room and making everyone in his class feel special. Not only have I been able to get a great workout, but also make great friends." Heidi J.
"Fun Dance with Carlitos is the best thing that has happened to me. I have lost so much weight, but that's not the only thing. My cholesterol is lower by 56 points, my pulse is down from 103 to usually 68. I have so much more energy. I feel better about my self and my self esteem. The class has a lot of energy and everyone has a good time with each other. But be for-warned that if you start you to will become addicted to Fun Dance. Carlitos is an amazing fun teacher and cares about his classes and wants to make sure everyone is having fun and getting a good work out." Suzi C.
"I am a fun dance addict, i truly admit it. I have been going to his classes for over a YEAR now and it doesn't ever get old! Carlitos just has a way of making you dance, and getting you to let loose without worrying about how you look!! I have always loved dancing but I will never be as good as him!! He is too good sometimes!! When I started I had no idea i would have loved it so much, i love dancing but i never think i was good at it! His classes are just amazing! There is no other way to put it. He will make sure you feel welcomed, and comfortable, and he will for sure kick your butt every single time! I have made lots of awesome friends, and memories in his classes. He is one of a kind, you will never get a teacher as passionate, good, and FUN as he is!!! He will give you his all every single time." Olivia(:
"When I'm having a bad stressful week I can always depend on Fun Dance to get my spirits high again. I feel stronger, fit and healthier than I've ever been. Thank You Carlitos!!! "
"There is no denying the intensity and workout I got the very first time I went to Carlitos' class! I started doing his classes about February of 2012, and I knew immediately afterwards that I would be returning as well as looking forward to his next class! It doesn't take long to get energized because Carlitos radiates such an energy that keeps you going. He's so motivating when he tries to keep you going! I remember not knowing steps at the very beginning, and he'd make sure I was getting signals to learn the steps. He does this for everyone and makes sure everyone is having a great time! I never feel like I'm working out because I have such a great time! The hour passes like it was just a few minutes, and I want more! If he'd offer them for hours & hours I would most defintely be there. " Silvia P.
"I started taking classes from Carlitos  in May of this year. Kevin and I moved from Georgia and we took Zumba classes there from a "non-latin" teacher. I fell in love with the latin music and the high energy classes. Carlitos motivates me to push myself to my limits and I always feel like I've been to a party instead of a workout. Fun Dance is one of my favorite highlights of my day and Carlitos is what makes it so much fun!" Beth O.
I have been going to Fun Dance for seven months and have loved every minute. The energy that Carlitos puts into ever class is addicting, even if I'm tired when I get there, I always find myself full of energy after class starts. I found out in June of this year that I was pregnant and I knew then that I want gonna quit dancing for nine months! Now, at four and a half months along I can't imagine doing any other exercise during my pregnancy!" Sarah B.
"Carlitos and his ‘FUNDANCE’ have changed my life in so many ways… I have been going to his class for 11 months. I have always hated exercising. But, Carlitos’ FUNDANCE is not exercise!!! It’s just fun. Carlitos just makes you feel so important to his class. . I am sure that I am the most uncoordinated girl there is. If he sees that you are struggling he just moves right over and with his great big smile shows you what moves are next. I just can’t express how encouraging he is. I have lost 30 pounds that I thought I would never lose and I feel that I might even meet my goal of 40 pounds before my 1 year mark. I even have muscles in my legs! Who knew??? But more than my weight loss is how good I feel emotionally when I go. I was in a low point in my life and Carlitos and the girls in the class welcomed me and made me feel that I was important. LOVE his class!!!" Rebecca D.